Pond life in summer

Thursday, July 18, 2019

It's been fascinating to observe pond life over the last few months. When frogs started to arrive I felt like the pond has validated itself as the real thing. The next exciting moment was when the first water lily flower opened. It is a Princess Elizabeth (I think) and is a very pretty pink. It opened in the sun and closed up again in the dark (or shade) and I missed the opportunity to capture it in full bloom. Satisfied that this tiddler plant wasn't about to stage a pond takeover we ordered two other tiny water lilies which have been planted up and seem to be establishing.
Below is the flower pod I patiently checked each day to see whether it was opening.

Third extremely exciting event was the arrival of one, then two dragonflies and then for their 'meeting' I don't know whether they did or were able to mate but nevertheless it was wonderful to see them buzzing around on the plants in the pond.

There are less frogs visibly hanging out in the pond at the moment. I don't know whether this is because the waster is too warm, they just don't, they don't like the weed that keeps forming, they have been eaten by something or if numbers constantly fluctuate. Who knows? We have collected rainwater to top up the pond so it's not the 'wrong' water going in.
I like to see the blackbirds taking a bath in the pond. It's not often I can see it happen, more just hear it as they don't like to be watched.
It's certainly a focal point for the wildlife to flock to (and from) and I look forward to reporting back on how things go over the coming months.

Take care,

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