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Friday, July 19, 2019

What morsels of wildflower goodness can I nourish you with today? Let me see, there's a few new-to-me finds and a few lesser noted ones. As ever, I'm no expect just an enthusiast so don't bank on me being 100% correct. Scabious to start off with
Common knapweed. It's such a lovely shade and the spent flowerheads are rather architectural.

Above. I previously thought this was red dead nettle going crazy but now I think it's black horehound.
Below, field bindweed which although is a pest, can't fail to make me smile with it's party tent/beach hut candy stripes.

Above, great willowherb or broad-leaved willowherb. They don't have much to tell them apart so I'd probably plump for great.
Below, I think hedge woundwort. A nettly sort of plant.

More oxeye daisies?
More scabious.

Common mallow. A relative of the marsh mallow. There are some fabulous verges with common mallow and common poppy growing inamongst each other which you might think is gaudy but I love the bold mix of colours together. Pow!

Lesser burdock above with some ripe old dock seeds.
Perforate St John's wort looking a little shabby.

Aha! A new find, hedge bedstraw. I can't say I have noticed this at all before but they are quite a few sprays of it in ditches that have caught my eye in the last week. It's ever so airy and dainty.

Above... hmmm I don't know. What I call an invisible one. Nothing obvious or prominent about it.
Below, honeysuckle

I've not shared any nice shots of red campion (and this isn't nice either to be fair.
Below, herb bennett. It has a yellow flower akin to a sparse version of a buttercup.

Above, could be common centaury. Not one I've seen before!
Below, evening primrose which I hardly ever see.

I've abandoned hope of identifying unfellifous flowers along the cow parsley style. I just don't touch them in case they are hemlock.

We had just passed an enormous dragonfly (at speed, I was terrified it would get tangled in my mane and I'd have a hysterical breakdown) when C asked whether this seed head was from a giant dandelion. I don't know, but feel like I should
Spear thistle?.

Cleavers, though I call it sticky.
And lastly some trefoil.
Have you spotted anything different lately?
Take care,

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