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Thursday, November 21, 2019

I've got to pull myself together and get more outfit shots when I'm out and about this winter. I used to be religious about this but things have dwindled this year, often because I just can't be bothered to change out of my tatty allotment wear. How do some people manage to garden in nice clothes? It's beyond me, I just mucky things up and catch them on everything going.
This shirt is a lovely Jack Wills one I bought second hand but this time of wearing it feels just too restrictive around the shoulders so away it shall have to go to a new, new home. Have I ever worn this burgundy tank before? I cannot quite recall, nor how it came to be mine. It's lovely and soft.

I'll mess around in the leaves a while in an attempt to hide my completely daft choice of light boots.
Praise be for the brightness.
Here's to more play and less doom.
Take care,

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