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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Disclaimer, I didn't take this first picture. It was a few minutes into a walk I realised my bag was still in the car so I thought I'd dash back to fetch it. Giving my camera to C in exchange for the car keys I optimistically started back at a run. It soon became apparent that it wasn't just 'round the corner', more like half a mile back and took ages! Nevermind, I eventually returned and let my heart rate sink back to normal but found additional material had found it's way onto my memory card.

There have been endless posts of autumn leaves and fungus over the past few months and I feel tempted to apologise for the monotony but it's that or nothing, plus it's my space to fill so I'll shrug it off and carry on. There are yet still more to come.

A little bird's nest became visible. I wonder if it was built here or whether if became dislodged and fell?

Take care,

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