That old chestnut

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

On my list of plans for Autumn I specifically remember noting that we wanted to forage sweet chestnuts. Two weeks ago we took a little trug bucket and set off for a spot we had previously found some nuts. It became immediately apparent that we were too late; nothing on the tree and only empty, spent husks on the ground. It looked like we had missed it by a mile, which made me feel immensely guilty as this is one of C's favourite treats. Last year we found some good trees on a walk but it was a long way from home and the thought of heading off for a long drive only to find we had missed those as well sounded like a poor use of time. I resigned myself to the fact we would have to buy them this time and remain more vigilant next year.
However, on Sunday we set off for a new walking destination and found plenty of sweet chestnut trees with nuts to collect! It was unexpected and we took home a couple of handfuls. Sweet chestnuts can vary in size and its only the medium and large sizes which are any use. If you're not already 100% sure then make sure you take a reference when foraging so you don't muddle them up with conkers which are NOT EDIBLE. Caution should be used and always look up to check you've not got a sweet chestnut and horse chestnut tree side by side.

Have you been gathering sweet chestnuts? Ours were roasted and nibbled that same evening.
Take care,

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