End of the dahlia days

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

With the heavy frosts the other week came the end of the dahlias. The flower plot remained lively longer than I anticipated considering the exposure of the site. I'll be leaving the verbena bonariensis to self seed as they do a brilliant job even with the scarce number of flowers. Most of the annuals are now cleared away like the cosmos, zinnias, sunflowers and statice. I'll leave the rudbeckia as they do remain elegant - some of them are perennial anyway and I think bergamot is too. The dahlias have been cut down (after having turned to a convincing mush, they're over) and I've mulched over with manure which may be wrong but the soil is so poor they will need some goodness for next year.

The fungi has taken over the plot, in the beds and on the woodchip paths too.
Spot the millions of seedlings. Some of which I do want, some of which I won't but most of which I cannot currently decide what they are! I suspect the ammi and cornflowers are most of the perpetrators.
There are lots of bulbs in from last year and the sweet williams look ok for another year so I know that come early spring the plot will start to come to life again. The first year taught me plenty - about what to grow/what not to and how to space, support and start things off. I will probably make a few changes for next year but it was a greater success this year than I dared hope. 

I'm sad not to have copious blooms to inspect each week but the plot's had enough for the year and I can start again next year.

Take care,

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