Taunt from the wardrobe

Monday, November 04, 2019

I wasn't ready for November.
I've not yet got comfortable with autumn so far; it's either baltic or somehow warm so whatever I'm wearing is wrong. From numb fingers and goosey neck to just stifling trapped in a long sleeved roll-neck it's all been uncomfortable to date. I'm grumpy about the inflicted onset of heavy weather and dark days not to mention autumn.
This tunic from Zara hangs in my wardrobe all year round taunting me. I wear it once annually as a top which I have to disguise it's mass of length yet as a dress it's far too thin and short. Yet I cannot part with it, no matter how often I can't wear it.
A brief interjection of light - it made me beam with pleasure.

Back to the usual dull.
I had a scare with my thumb ring on public transport a while ago. I'd been wearing it all day then realised it wasn't present and had a panic. Looking on my lap, under my seat, on the floor..but nothing. From recollection I found the ring in the ground years ago and liked the weird owl face. It wasn't of value as far as I knew, likely worthless but it is one I've worn countless times as I love it. My heart braced itself not to be too upset, these things do happen and shouldn't be dwelled on.
It was several days later I found it in my handbag where I presume it fell off while I was digging around for something else. The elation to realise it was still with me!!! Irrational, I know.

Hope your week is a super productive one.
Take care,

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  1. I hope mine IS productive! I'm feeling pretty lazy and worried I am not getting enough done!
    I like your Zara blouse/dress- it works really well how you have worn it here!!! Glad the thumb ring turned up! I am hopeless at wearing rings. I still dislike wearing a wedding ring after 6 years!!
    P.S. I JUST got the Toadstool sample. Snigger...

  2. It's a nice top, could you shorten it to a more wearable length?
    I'm so glad your ring turned up. My heart stopped the other day when I saw I wasn't wearing my wedding or engagement ring. Luckily I'd taken them off and stored them safely so I could do some DIY. Those few moments of panic made me go cold from head to toe!


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