Pinning hopes

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

This winter I will make it my mission to wear this dress more, it's so forgiving. I struggle with that to wear beneath it as it's a soft jersey material which will show any pronounced bulk of surplus stuffed out of sight. This loose blouse, bought from new, is one which looks nice but actually isn't that pleasant to wear and upon laundering I realised it has a hunk of seam which has frayed out on the sleeve too, just to emphasise it's low quality production. The sewing machine might get a little warm up before waving it off to the charity shop. If I don't like to wear it then it's just wasting space on my rail.
Talking of rails, my rate of accumulation has dropped off dramatically in the last year or two. Not only do I find myself browsing less but feel less inclined to buy anything due to having difficulty finding things which both fit well and that I feel happy wearing. Trousers are pretty much a no-go and I am sick of buying nice things which I then find are alarmingly too tight. Size up, you might say. Not quite that simple as the shape and fit can leave me just feeling drowned and bulky. Lose the weight, you might also mutter which could well be the answer but I already feel like I'm super active and eat a balanced diet. 

Pinning all my hopes on a Christmas miracle.
Take care,

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