Happy new decade and happy 9 years

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Wow! We arrived, 2020 this is it! The big new corner turned and today we take our first baby steps into the new decade. It does feel momentous and memorable, certainly something to make something of if ever there was an opportunity. Ten years ahead of us in a brand new chapter.
I did have a scoot back through my 'new year' posts of years gone by and was struck that last year I completely forgot to mention my blogging anniversary. Today marks my 9th year of writing this blog although only posts from August 2013 onwards remain - which is still a huge lot, 1382 to be precise. Last year was the leanest by a little stretch, a mere 200 published which while it falls short of my ideal 'Monday to Friday' stamping them out in clockwork fashion, was also an excellent compromise as sometimes I just didn't want to try, so didn't (and didn't feel remorse). Blogging has been a wonderful hobby but I never wanted it to be a chore, so promised myself that if I had nothing ready or didn't feel like sitting myself down with the intention to write then so be it.
What I would like to say is a heartfelt thank you to those of you that return time and time again. I'm grateful for the support you have given me in those visits; be it the time you spend browsing, comments or shares on social media. There's no massive changes I have in mind for the content, always just focusing on what I see or do, or go to or what's crossing my mind at any given time.

I see yellow brain fungus on most visits out at the moment. Now I know it's about, I catch sight of it here, there and everywhere.

With all the glorious time off I issued myself over the Christmas and New Year period we made the best of each day by taking trips out whenever possible which means that I have started the year sitting on a hole pile of posts all neatly stacked up and scheduled, ready to go. My love for well executed organisation leaves me beaming at this and congratulating myself on having started the year on excellent form. Dreary mud or not, I did my best.
Here we go, who's with me?
Take care,

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