A few butterflies

Wednesday, August 19, 2020


I remember the school summer holidays as hot; the endless sunny days stretched out in a pleasing fashion. These days the break seems much more turbulent and often not hot at all. Is it just my memory playing tricks on me, I wonder? As well as the obligatory trips to see relatives and sometimes seeing a friend, I do remember the weekly trips to the library where I would take out the maximum permitted books and take them home to read. There was a lot of reading. 
Here's some pictures from earlier in the month. Above a comma, below a ringlet butterfly.

Honeysuckle still blooming in some places.

Below, a brimstone butterfly on knapweed.

Above, a cinnebar moth caterpillar on ragwort I think.

Below, common toadflax.

Harebells in the grass...

Agrimony spears.

Another ringlet and below, a gatekeeper.

Plenty of St John's Wort. 

Below, a small copper butterfly. They are rather cute and teeny.

I've seen such a lot of peacocks this year. And finally yesterday a painted lady visited our garden.
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