Snaps in the sun

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Another day, another post! The rest of my Saturday snaps in the sun. The heatwave goes on.... and we'll be grateful for a meaningful rain. 
Above, a ringlet butterfly.
Below, redshank which is usually quite ugly but at think angle it looks rather pleasant.

Above, common toadflax which is everywhere until I want to take a picture and then there is not a sniff. 
Below, I think these are just out of control buttercups, though I can't tell.

Aha! Dark mullein. It's quirky with the bold yellow and purple flowers.

Above, gatekeeper butterfly and below, some groundsel gone to seed but looking lovely in the sunshine nevertheless.

Above, some rosebay willowherb, the fireweed.
Below, I just snapped this dragonfly while it rested on a nettle.

Some fungi never give up.
Below, grasshopper. Boing!

Don't you hate walking into a cobweb? It's a risk in a woods (or greenhouse), yuck!
That's all for today, take care now.

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