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Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Earlier in the year I had it in the back of my mind that my 1500th published post would be a bit more of a celebration, as it reached a milestone. As it turned out, I completely forgot, missed it and kept failing to subsequently reference it. However, at published post 1515 I have finally dusted off my trumped and am playing a solo fanfare in jubilation. Hurrah! So many posts! Back in the early days I liked to covered the 'f's; food, fashion, fitness and er, photography. These days it's flowers, wildflowers, veg with flowers, wearing floral things and frank viewpoints (and not as much of that as I ought). There's lots I have to say about fitness and lifestyle but it's usually what I've said before and usually falls on deaf ears so *shrugs* I'll do my thing and if you want to trawl my old stuff then the fitness tab at the top will take you to all my posts about that. I have trying to take photographs indoors and none of my cooking pictures are any good at all. Also, where do you stand on recipes? I follow recipes and I'm not about to publish someone else's, from a book or anything? That would be inappropriate. Although I  am considering a post about ways to use up courgette as I think I'm reaching nigh on professional standard at that now. 

This dress must be getting on a bit now. I first wore it in my first post of the new blog format back in August 2013 and I know I would have bought it second hand then. Still fits, just about. Very eco friendly.

I realise this is a slightly out of context post considering the storms that have been battering the UK in the past 24 hours, the wind overnight was terrifying. Bring back summer, those lovely hot days of sunshine, I would very much like a few more, pretty please.

Take care,

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