Repeating clouds

Thursday, August 13, 2020

In a fit of despair earlier in the season I bought some new dresses on ebay so that I would have some loose and comfortable dresses to wear when it was hot. Of course, it was a failure. This is the only dress that is kind of suitable, yet I don't love it. It's too loose even though the elasticated waist is unflattering and causes it to ride up. The print, buttons and sleeves are cute so I'll put up with it. The other 3 dresses are more annoying with their individual problems but it's so hard to find clothes that haven't got something annoying about them.  
I think it looks like a repeating cloud print.

There are so many things which are trying to bring me down lately, I have trouble not letting them get on top of me. We all know that summer is my favourite time of year so the fact that my frustrations are bubbling up now is in conflict to the world around, which I keep see-sawing between. I get that this is just life, but sometimes things are a bit much.
Stay cool. No storms or rain for us yet but they keep saying it'll happen. 

Take care,


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