The water vole and the figwort

Friday, August 28, 2020


It's been a long while since we had a proper water vole sighting. One year, we had a stretch of seeing the cute little chaps time and time again in two particular rivers. Then nothing, nada. It was almost as if they had a holiday in the UK that year only never to return. It's not as though we aren't looking or aren't careful. C is eagle eyed when it comes to wildlife spotting and I'm the slowcoach with the camera. Then a few weeks ago one evening we rounded the corner to spot this little fella sitting on some weeds in the middle of the river. He didn't seem to mind at all when I took some snaps and it was only when a dog went past that he called time on his exhibition and swam off. What a lovely encounter.

Down by the river I saw this peculiar plant growing a couple of months ago and didn't have my camera. On this occasion it was everywhere, with minimal 'flowers' and quite curious. I've looked it up and I'm told it's figwort. 

The flowers are so small and unusual they are easy to miss.
Ever seen it yourself? It's a new one on me. 
And have you seen a water vole? You might have heard a 'plop' after they get back into the water for safety.

Take care,

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