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Monday, August 17, 2020


Hello everyone and welcome to another new week. Hasn't August been a mixed bag? Scorching heat along with torrential rain, flash floods and the like. 2020 is throwing the book at us good and proper. 
I have every optimism that I'll be blogging regularly for a while to come, which fills me with hope. 

Here's some pictures from the weekend. First up, the fireweed itself; rosebay willowherb. 

Above, watermint and below, water forget-me-not

Above, meadowsweet which I've not seen so much of this over the summer.
Below, field bindweed.

Purple loosestrife looking fantastic with it's bold colour.

Bit of fleabane. 
Bit of hemp agrimony.

Burdock in 'flower' above, not much to look at though and common hemp nettle below, I think.

I never like to guess at these umbelliforous white flowers as there are so many possibilities and it's frankly quite dangerous if you get it wrong. Don't touch, just admire. 
I always think these are harebells but they are so small and of sparse flowers that they don't entirely match my book's reference to them. Answers on a postcard.

Take care,

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