Crisp crust

Thursday, January 28, 2021


The snow remnants lingered on; frosted in to the landscape as a crisp crust. It was parky, still and fantastically atmospheric. As is the new norm, places fill up with people who previously wouldn't have frequented such locations. It wasn't until the latter stages of our wander that it became trickier to navigate around fellow pedestrians. I feel like so many newcomers are completely missing the point of a walk in the countryside. Firstly, the quiet is essential so there's no use making a racket or bringing kids who run around shrieking and whacking everything with a stick. You just spoil it for everyone. Oh and I'm not a fan of loose dogs being allowed to run up to me, either with intent to jump up, sniff me or just barking away. If you haven't mastered recall then don't let it off. I don't find your four legged mate charming in the slightest. I've left my dog at home because there's a fair chance you wouldn't appreciate a 22kg bullet of muscle charging his way in your direction either. And clear up after your dog. If you've let it run riot then it's your problem to track down it's poop and clear it up. 

I'm really not a people person. Or a peoples' pets person. 

For the moments of silence and emptiness, it was beautiful.

Taka care,


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  1. I really do agree on your thinking with dogs and the masses of people now out on walks. I fear dogs have ruined the countryside

  2. It's clear that some people don't know how to behave in the countryside. In fact some people don't know how to behave at all. And why do people bag up dog poo and then hang it in a tree?!! And there are those who think because they are in the countryside it's OK to leave it where it was - ahem - left. And don't get me started on people who let their dogs run around in fields of crops - it's not a doggy playground, that's what parks are for.
    I'm not a people person either, can you tell? ;)

  3. (lovely photos though, the first one looks like a Christmas card).

  4. These are quintessential Sophie photos! I love them!
    I agree about children and their dogs. I find it really annoyigng!

  5. Don't mind the dogs...joggers, people playing loud music or cyclists ("mountain biking" - special bikes for ploughing up paths) - different story

  6. Actually, make that "any" music - just why, people, why?


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