Happy New Year and happy 10 years for me

Friday, January 01, 2021

 I expect everyone is glad to see the back of 2020 which was a spectacular disaster for much of the world. Although we're far from out of the woods yet, in fact we're basically neck deep in the mire, there's cause for optimism with the planned rollout of vaccinations and eventual anticipated relaxation of measures. Hold tight, we've a long way to go yet and the next few months are likely to be a rocky ride for the NHS but let's just wait our turn until we're told when to jump. Like most of the UK population (I believe) we are Tier 4 which does not particularly affect our plans as we weren't expecting to mingle or head out anywhere, we definitely won't be dining out any time soon. That's no problem, we've eaten out 3 times since Covid reared it's ugly head. I must add that these were made as safe as possible, doubtless more so than a trip to a shop. 

I digress. Essentially, we're in for a contained winter at home with the occasional essential trip to the work environment or shop but most outings just for exercise or to the allotments. Finding the positive in all this it does give me another chance to dedicate time to what I feel is important rather than racing about on stuff I feel obliged to do. Last year I never really made firm resolutions which did annoy me a bit although I was particularly focussed on certain things and feel like I really made headway on a few things. The early part of the year, up to early May, there was a decent output of blog posts and that pleased me greatly but as always, things got uber busy in late spring, summer, autumn then I simply flopped into winter. However, with the zest of renewed enthusiasm that the dawn of a new year brings, I fully intend and enthuse in longing to put together a whole host of blog posts; ideally with plenty of writing this year which felt like it was missing for much of the last 12 months.

Today marks a full ten years of my blog, what a long, long time. From time to time I do look back at those times gone by and with a sense of new wonder as there are just so many hundreds of photographs amongst the 1570 published instalments. I hope you find cause to continue to return this year. Thank you so much for your support - it's very much appreciated.

Here's to another year!

Take care,


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