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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Items in which I feel I now live include turtleneck tops. I must have about eight, half of which are greeny- blue. How did life function without them? They tend to be layered over a vest top and under a medium to light jumper or a dress, sometimes under a shirt. That super cosy extra layer keeps me happy in these testing winter times. My warmer season alternative is, for want of a better description, the 'older lady t-shirt' which instead of floppy cotton band tees is a heavier knit top extending to mid upper arm. Not snug, with a rather pleasing amount of surplus. They keep me lovely and warm when a vest top isn't enough. Talking of keeping warm enough, it's been evident that I don't feel the cold as badly as I used to in my teens. I used to struggle with numb extremities all the time and terrible chilblains to my hands, incredibly painful and at best unsightly. C on the other hand feels the cold a lot more now. 

Kezzie wore an asymmetric skirt on her blog recently too. If I was designing this skirt I'd have kept the hem straight and would have secured it to avoid any flash mishaps. I also would have tried it in a fabric that didn't retain it's washing crumples so much. I promise I ironed it. Much as people shun their irons and boards, I am relatively at peace with mine and commune with them often. It's not that I adore the process, though it beats washing up and emptying bins by a long stretch, but more that I do appreciate nicely ironed clothes. And sheets. Oh, a lovingly pressed duvet cover and pillows is a gift indeed. 

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