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Monday, January 04, 2021


Right, here we go with another year. Embracing the cold once more I shook off my lovely warm coat, unflattering yet cosy hat, monster size scarf and thermal gloves, shuddered in the icy air followed by a quick limber up of the slightly numb chops and struck a smile. It wouldn't be much fun to have a whole winter of posts with me entombed in a veritable cocoon of external layers. A hearty pop of blues with a wee bit of sparkle seemed like the most cheerful option.  

It's been a bone chiller of a fortnight. Thermal tights virtually always keep me warmer than trousers. the only exception is in rain as they sop it up like a sponge, making for a particularly unpleasant experience. 
Mucky, mucky boots which have walked me through miles of mud, sand, puddles and goodness knows what else this winter.

Take care,

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