Thursday, January 07, 2021


What do you do when the temperature has dropped to minus anything? Layer up and get out! There's a lot to say for a knitted skirt and thermal tights but I went one better here with a cunning super long jumper with a skirt over the top. My burgundy-with-elbow-patches wonder is two thirds as long as my skirt and did a brilliant job of keeping me cosy. There's a price to pay but considering how dreadful this could have looked, I'd say I got off lightly.

Yes, of course I had a thick coat, scarf, hat and pair of gloves which I had to unravel on the quick to make the most of having this astonishing landscape to ourselves. There turned out to be some people rather distant but hopefully they didn't notice. It's obviously weird to take off warm clothes and have your picture taken and I don't want to talk about it. After a minute of attempts to stand and smile, I re-wrapped myself and carried out for a lovely wander, this time safely behind the lens.

This skirt must have seen a fair few wears, it was my original knitted skirt find and at that point I'd never seen one before. A winter must have. 
Take care,

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