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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


It's back to that confusing state of never really knowing which day it is. It wouldn't matter except for work appointments cropping up and it's going to look pretty bad if I'm a no-show for something important. The lockdown state of play is still tricky to navigate and I'm trying to ensure a good level of productivity each day but spreading my time thin on several things usually feels like nothing is really getting achieved. I'm finding that casting my mind back to last year doesn't resurrect much. The first lockdown feels clear but after that things get fuzzy and I struggle to pinpoint when lockdown 2 happened and what went on before and after. Probably because we still didn't contravene our own aims of limited time out or contact with others, it all felt very similar. 

This week is set to be another wet one, with gusty gales thrown in for good measure. Winter is such a lousy time, I honestly cannot understand why anyone would enjoy this. Already my garden has some evidence of yearning for spring in it's own right, with bulbs coming through. Hold your horses, there's a way to go yet. 

Fortunately I still have a mountain of pictures from December to share. This was a delightfully bright day when a walk was taken with mercifully few people to share it with. 

Take care and stay safe this week.


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