The frostiest of days

Tuesday, January 05, 2021


On the frostiest of days we had a walk in mind which was new to us. Walking in such an enchanting landscape was far more interesting than if we had visited on a damp and mild day. The freezing mist rolled in late morning and sealed in the frost for the whole day. Heavy, granular ice clad each leaf, each blade of grass, with the frozen world propped up solidly. 

A frustrating stint on what turned out to be an unfathomably fast, winding road scuppered an otherwise peaceful walk. A few leaps onto a jumbly overgrown verge when a car shot round the corner and, alarmingly, one from the opposing direction as well. Aside from taking our lives into our own hands for a few minutes, the rest of the walk was delightful. Peaceful, made more so by being freshly glazed.  

Back in the lockdown boat again, it seems. From the tone of the announcement it does sound like it's likely to remain in force until mid February, with a fair wind. Sensible to stop the transmission but surely, this would have been better as a prevention than as a reactive measure now that the NHS is facing an overload... Anyway, it's going to be difficult for the parents of school kids and of course the thousands of businesses who now cannot operate or operate well. Roll on spring. 

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