Floods and muds

Wednesday, February 03, 2021


More rain, more mud, more floods. The highlight of this outing was getting to see some snowdrops in flower and the many birds that came out to play. Birds another time.

How do you tackle a flooded path with nowhere to get round it? With great difficulty. Shimmying along prickly hedges, tentatively stepping on half sunken stones and branches. It wasn't the most successful of walks, it's sad to see everywhere looking so forlorn and post-apocalyptic. 

Even some bright aconites in flower too! Some say that snowdrops and aconites are signs of spring but really, when you think about it, they're just a confirmation that it most definitely is winter. 

More troublesome flooding. Makes it hopeless trying to walk anywhere at the moment. Bring your own boat.

Daffodil greenery popping up on the green.

Light mud, just for some easy-going walking. 

This winter's weather has caused a fair bit of erosion on tracks we have seen.
Deer print?

Ice and a big boot to break it. It's been so cold.
This winter it's felt like we've had a fair dose of cold weather, which I imagine is restorative to much of the environment. Many seeds dropped in autumn need a proper spell of cold so that they come to life in spring, 'vernalisation' I think it's called. Perhaps the same can be said for the people of the UK. 

Take care,

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