Short and stout

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


How liberating to shed my coat and to wander around in a light jumper. It's light and bright! I dithered over whether this outfit felt too much like autumn than spring but who cares, orange is so cheerful that I'll risk it. Nobody stopped me to point out my faux pas. 
I like the dear little buttons to the cuffs. Completely pointless, but dainty and dressy.
The usual level of encouragement from C for my outfits. With one hand on my hip I was mocked as doing my teapot impression so I went the whole hog: here's my handle, here's my spout'. 

A weight off my shoulders, It's nice to move around without a weighty coat!!

The mud hasn't yet vanished but with a forecast for a dry couple of weeks ahead, it could be another story soon. It'll be nice to walk without getting mud splashed all over my legs... Yep, my tights are muddy.

I'm feeling good about how much the shift in weather has transformed everything. My spirits have rocketed skyward, hope you feel it too.

Take care,

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