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Thursday, February 18, 2021


I know you're thinking how cute this little deer is but let me tell you this, who we have here is the perpetrator of crimes! This wretched muntjac has eaten all my lovely flowers over the years. It brazenly waltzes through our front garden and treats it as an all-you-can-eat buffet. My doorstep pots have been ruined (again) this time in around a week of having been planted up with violas to flower through the winter. None of the plants has pulled round so my pots look horrible with straggly remnants and have done for months. The deer eats my spring bulbs and last year ate a pot of tulips just as they came into flower. No shoots are safe and there's no way I can protect anything from the jaws of this beast. It knows I don't like it. If looks could kill I'd be having roast venison on Sunday. 

Photographically speaking, I shot it through the window several times since the snow arrived. Preceded by exclaiming "the bloody deer is out the front AGAIN!!! Where's my camera".

Any ideas how to deter a deer from eating all my nice garden flowers? I'm so angry it just spoils all the lovely things I look forward to seeing. 

Take care,

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  1. I was about to say "How GORGEOUS", until I read the rest of your post...Oh deer (sorry, couldn't quite resist it!); that must be so soul destroying. Oher than showing him "Bambi", I have no idea what you can do - hopefully somebody out there can, painlessly I hope.

  2. These are absolutely magnificent photos but I can empathise with the anger at the ruining (but not to such an extreme level- my damage isn't as extreme as yours has been)- the wretched badger and fox KEEP completely digging up my rhubarb and the spinach and kale in the raised bed- I keep putting them back in and putting out canes and pots to make it difficult for them but STILL, I go out there furious to find things dug up and unearthed.

  3. Well he's certainly licking his lips at the juicy morsels to be found in your garden. There will be more around now that there has been a lull in shooting due to the pandemic. I think they're beautiful but like most things the numbers need to be controlled. I have often been enraged by the amount they have eaten in the garden, especially when there is plenty for them to eat outside of residential properties in this area. So, in short, I feel your pain.
    Lovely set of photos though :)


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