The winter snow

Wednesday, February 17, 2021


The snow fell and lasted a week. Our cold frosty winter turned into a snow clad one; only snowing minimal change over the days until suddenly, just like that, the rains came and washed it all away. It was a bit of a magical time; albeit with the added risk of falling over or 'having a fall'. The roads were treated but many lanes became impassable altogether save for tractors or a particularly adventurous 4x4. Fewer than normal people took to the paths which felt like a reprieve from lockdown crowds. We froze, we chilled, we numbed but we went out and enjoyed the moments that mattered. Coming home for coffees and central heating. 

Pictures from Sunday morning, the rains started as night fell that evening. Daytime temperatures of zero, icy winds.
Waterways still featuring ice. Heavy snow in drifts following strong winds overnight.

Against the monochrome of the trees and snow featured the beautiful red stems, I expect it's dogwood.
A red kite circled overhead briefly. I wasn't focussed in properly but you can tell it's a kite. These birds have increased in numbers around our patch, we often see them now. 

I had difficulty with this ID; is it a sparrow?

Seeds scattered on the snow after the high winds. We noticed that there were no berries to be seen whatsoever on any trees or hedges, the birds have picked them clean. They must just be getting through on seeds and whatever else they can find now. 

The snow was blown across the field overnight and filled the path with deep, crispy snow. C was in over the ankles. It made for an interesting workout to reach the sheltered patch. 

We didn't have to suffer days of grey slush, just straight from a lovely white carpet to nothing. It's due to be up to 16 degrees at the weekend, I kid you not. Could this be the turning point into spring?

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  1. Lovely. Didnt realise the snow was that deep! An effect of climate change, is that winters will be far worse, and summers far hotter. It will be extremes!

  2. Ahh, now that's what I call winter scenes...a sea of tranquillity, to pull a name from the past.

  3. These are wonderful snowy scenes- we walked in some similar deep patches when we walked to Barling Stonebridge Magma last week- it was so fun!

  4. Some of the snowdrifts were huge! I was up to my knees in places in the garden. I didn't venture further than that. Andy seems to think I'm 80 years old and was paranoid about me falling over. It was nice not to have to endure the slush for once - it felt like a lovely escape.
    I'm not sure what the bird is but it's very pretty with it's flashes of yellow!
    I've been keeping a close eye on my bird feeders, making sure they don't run low. I've seen so many Robins this year, it's such a treat!


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