Thursday, February 25, 2021


There were a few things to indulge in while we had the snow; heading out safely to see the landscape clad in snow being one of them. I spied a magnificent icicled hedge on a lane with a massive muddle across the road. Every time a vehicle splashed through it, the water sprayed the hedge and added a little more to the icicles until this. How beautiful. It reminded us of our trips to caves where we were told Victorians would put treasures like birds' nests in the water flows to calcify (or petrify) in an enchanting way. 

Putting on walking boots and going for a walk in crunchy, creaky snow. Fun!
Also, I got snowballs thrown at me. I didn't need to duck as it wasn't on target. Notice the lovely blue skies? They vanished.

Super pretty winter scenes. It felt a lot like Narnia. 

The blizzard hit and pummelled us with snow and gales. It lasted maybe 10-15 minutes but it was quite intense to be out in. 

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