Garden birds

Monday, February 22, 2021

After my garden bird watch rant about the birds deserting us when it really counted it's fair to say they're all out and about in full force now. We keep the feeders topped up to encourage visitors and are keeping everything crossed that we'll have some nests built in the spring. I've kept my camera on standby to capture some of our frequent visitors. Above, a blue tit and below, a great tit. Side by side they're easy to tell apart but one fleeting glimpse can leave me in doubt. Over the years we've had plenty of both with us. 

During the snowy weather this bird was looking rather interested in a nest box. I'm assuming it's a female sparrow?

The orange lower beak does look more like a rock sparrow than a house sparrow...

Ah, the goldfinches. On sunnier mornings we get a whole crowd on the conifer hedge tips which catch the early morning rays.  

How many can you spot? 

Robin playing peek-a-boo. 
The starlings. 

Above, blue tot in the feeder. They are so cute but the long tailed tits below are even cuter!!

Ok, so this robin wasn't in our garden but it's sneaked into a bird post regardless.

And finally, a blackbird. We've had loads in the garden since the snow departed and they're all getting frisky and flighty with that spring feeling.

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