Monday, October 28, 2013


Smock dress – eBay (originally H &M), old leggings, boots – Jeffery Campbell Erikson fur

Is it a good time to join the smock revolution? They seem to be everywhere at the moment. Perhaps it’s because this smock has a strange fit, gathered under the bust and generally just short, but it gives the impression it's just designed to be an age 8 dress. Much as I do like the print, it tends to get forgotten in my wardrobe as I favour longer dresses. I figured wearing it with leggings should take away that 'fear' that I'm going to flash next week's washing to all and sundry round town on a breezy afternoon. Leggings and I just haven't been working together on a regular basis for some time now, tights mostly tend to feel more appropriate or bare legs if at all possible. These furry boots have been patiently waiting on the shoe rack for their chance to be worn again and I have to say I'm delighted we've been reunited. A practical ankle boot is pretty much a staple for my winter season.

What old favourites are you welcoming back into every day wear?


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  1. Love the pattern of this dress, I'm not a fan of smocks on myself but you look fab xx

  2. Sophie you rock the smock! I agree I got rid of all my leggings and never went back to them. Tights or bare legs always from now on in. I miss you darling Soph - never stop inspiring me xxx

  3. Super cute smock Sophie. I think like most others I too prefer tights to leggings but you look fabulous hun.

    X x

  4. Beautiful! I love how you paired the smock with the leggings and boots! X Jane

  5. That last photo of you is so lovely.
    This dress style suits you and you can get away with the shorter length with those pins of yours!
    I'm looking forward to getting back into scarves and chunky knit jumpers and my knee high boots are crying out to be worn more... I love cosying up in warmness :)


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