Mexican BLT & homemade guacamole

Sunday, October 13, 2013



It’s been so long since I blogged a recipe review and as we have tried a few new ones I thought I'd share this one. This was 'Mexican BLT' from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book. God I love that book. Anyway, the sheer concept of a super tasty plate of food on the quick  is brilliant(ok, so maybe a tad longer than 15 minutes on most occasions but so what) . When I flicked through looking for something new to try this page fell open and caught my full attention. We made guacamole for another dish several times and it really is something special so I really had to give this a try. Sadly, we overcooked our chicken so it dried out a bit and we used some second rate bagged salad instead of making one (naughty) but in essence the recipe was top notch. This is one to be repeated again for sure!
I wont be giving you the recipe, but it can be found in Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals book (which I would heartily recommend).

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