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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Jumper – Internacionle, trousers - H&M via eBay, top - Primark, boots - T K Maxx, dog - local rescue centre


Hello all, this is a rare seasonally appropriate post so make the most of it. This bat/owl/ghost jumper is one I picked up last year and have found it a handy old thing to bung on when I'm feeling chilly. Annoyingly it has looked old and raggedy since day two and the stitching on the cuff and hem has started coming undone, lucky it was on sale really or I would hve been rather disappointed.



I made a pumpkin pie, but as you can see I managed to totally mess it up with lousy pastry and by letting it burn, so this obviously isn’t going to impress you but the pumpkin tray bake I posted about a few days ago might.

If you’re celebrating Halloween then have a good’un, I’ll be celebrating by popping some lights off, keeping a low profile and hoping nobody is rude enough to call round.

The October Photo Show & Tell will be posted tomorrow and it’s going to be the last.


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  1. Love your photos. Apparently, the pumpkin pie doesnt look that bad. :)
    Good effort.

    Pretty Gloss ♥ beauty, makeup & a bit of life..
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  2. Love this outfit, that jumper is awesome. My favourite bit of these photos though is Lincoln, isn't he the cutest?!

    Maria xxx

  3. Love the 'Halloween-ness' of this jumper and your wee pooch!

    Charlie xx

  4. Love the checked trousers, and your adorable dog too, of course. And the pie actually looks quite tasty! There are some people in the world (me) who like all their food just a little bit burnt ;) x

  5. Loving both the jumper and the trousers hun. And Lincoln is stunning.

    I am going to attempt a pumpkin pie too, I will let you know how I get on.

    X x

  6. Oooh that jumper is rather versatile! X

  7. You have a perfectly well behaved accessory there (and I love that you listed him in your outfit list). He's very hansome.
    Shame the jumper isn't lasting well, it's rather cute!

  8. ha ha that jumper is so funny I love it. Cute dog too x

  9. This looks so good I actually love burnt pastry haha xx



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