Blue tartan

Monday, October 21, 2013



Jumper, skirt and tee -  charity shop, socks - unknown, boots – Internacionale, necklace – Select

I’m pretty sure I own the largest collection of tartan this side of the wall right now and I’ve been waiting for it to get cool enough to actually start wearing some. This mid calf length woollen skirt is one I picked up months ago in a local charity shop for a mere £2.50. There are so many tartan outfit posts in the blogosphere but I'd like to wave the flag for blue tartan and all other colours too (I have others). The simple feature I like best about the skirt is the velvet band at the waist, which sadly will be hidden the vast majority of the time. I wanted to wear this cropped jumper to allow the waistband the chance to shine, while it's warm enough not to need to wallow in a mass of layers.

The length of skirt is a funny one and I must admit I'd prefer it to be kissing the floor instead of letting the wind whistle round my ankles (hence the woolly socks) but I'll make do. Incidentally the socks and boots look is one I aim to go for this winter, but for that I will need more attractive socks, better get shopping I suppose...

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  1. Working that tartan Sophie!

  2. You look AWESOME here, I wish I could rock a midi length like you!

    Maria xxx

  3. Gorgeous, your skirt is amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Beautiful skirt and what a bargain too.

    X x

  5. Love the midi length and the blue! I also need to stock up on appropriate socks for the socks and boots thing, most of mine have animals on at the moment!

  6. Loving the long skirt with those bold heels! Wish I felt daring enough to rock this look. I especially love the pink socks that stick out.

  7. Love this!
    I picked up some lovely over the knee socks in H&M recently to wear with tall boots, definitely worth a look.

  8. I adore tartan and I am adoring this outfit! Totally, totally regretting not buying a gorgeous blue tartan skirt at a vintage fair in Nottingham 3 weeks ago. It was only £5 and I loved it but thought I mustn't as I had just bought two dresses and have too much stuff!!!x

  9. P.S. Really loving your photos recently. SO drenched in colour and gorgeously dreamy!
    P.P.S. How on earth do you walk in those boots?x


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