Barbour polo in the perfect pink meadow

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Sophie in the SticksBarbour Mollard polo shirtperfect pink meadow

How perfect is this pink meadow? Hundreds of thousands of flowers brimming with such a joyous bold colour. We spotted the field from quite a way off and I quite literally made a beeline for it, insisting we needed to stop on the roadside for a couple (nearer 50) of pictures. The problem with the beautiful full sunshine is that it washes me out good and proper as well as rendering me all squinty.

However, I am glad I get to show you my Barbour polo shirt in a pretty place as it does deserve a good countryside outing. This is the Mollard Polo Shirt from the Dress Tartan collection (the collar and chest faux pocket drew me right in) and the colour is pearl. In my usual manner I dithered before ordering a size up. I'm glad I did because the added roominess makes for a lovely comfortable fit although I would have been equally happy with the size down.

girl in wildflower meadowpink flower field

Barbour are a brand I am pretty familiar with, my mind always tends to think 'waxed jackets' but they make so much more. This year they are celebrating 120 years of trading which is pretty impressive and hold testament to their quality and relevance. From origins of crafting water proof coats for seamen they have grown their range into a whole plethora of garments for a country wardrobe and beyond.

how to style a polo shirt

Polo shirts are something I have worn a fair few of over the years although none of this quality! The material is lighter than I expected, silkier and smoother but strong; a far cry from the scratchy thick cheap ones that I used to put up with! The length is spot on too, long enough to tuck in to lower rise waistbands as well as high-waisted yet not venturing into tunic territory. I love the cut of the shirt too, which really lends itself to sitting comfortably and keeps it more feminine than a baggy boxy tee tends to end up on me.

poloshort in the countrysideBarbour Mollard tartan polo shirt

My trusty old brown Primark shorts were my first choice to wear with it along with my River Island suede boots but already I am itching to wear the polo shirt with my tartan skinny trousers and riding boots. For autumn I'm mentally matching it with my favourite long red and blue tartan skirts as well....

pink meadow in springtshirt and shorts in field

How else would you style this polo shirt?


Thank you to Barbour for sending me the polo shirt to review. All content and opinions 100% my own, as always.

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  1. I love this outfit and the photos. They've made me want to go out walking and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

  2. too. much. fabulousness. The countryside, the weather, the photos, those pins of yours!
    I love Barbour, my wax jacket (sorry for being so obvious) is one of my favourite things and the warmest thing I have ever owned!
    I'd go for a casual skirt with this... something preppy, but it looks awesome with these shorts.

  3. Love these photos- I wish I was brave enough for outside photos (and had a willing volunteer rather than an OH who thinks that blogging is ridiculous and wants no part of it!)

    1. You are not alone. CBC has flatly refused to take any blog outfit shots for me now - he says it's stupid and I need to stop putting pics on myself on the internet as it's not safe! At least I have a garden (and occasionally a willing mum!)x
      Sophie, looking gorgeous!!!! Not usually a fan of Barbour but this looks cute in this outfit on you and the field is beautiful!x

  4. You look gorgeous! I love your backdrop xx

  5. Wow what a beautiful backdrop once again. I love that first photo of you absolutely stunning!

  6. These are gorgeous photos! I love that you made a beeline for the field. Lucky there were no angry farmers about! Do you know what the flowers were? They can't just be growing naturally, but I can't think what they are!!

    Katie <3

  7. Amazing shots, love the colours. That top will look great with jeans too.

    X x


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