Fruitbroo Juicy Iced Tea

Friday, May 16, 2014

Fruitbroo Juicy Iced Tea

Ooooooooo Fruitbroo, I love you.

Two tasty new beverages have arrived from the clever people at Fruitbroo; 'Elderflower and lime' and 'peach, pear and honey'. These are designed for summer sipping with chilled water and ice as opposed to their hot drinks (although they would be lovely hot too if you ask me!) As with everything in the Fruitbroo range they are 100% natural with nothing added. Not a thing. They contain no caffeine, dairy or gluten.

Anything elderflower is a must-try in my book and this drink did not disappoint! It was full of flavour with a good dash of lime to prevent it from being too sweet and keeping it deliciously fresh. The peach pear and honey has such a heavenly aroma, to me peaches have such a summery smell it was so inviting. This tasted like the sweeter of the two drinks with all three flavours coming through.

I am so glad they come in large bottles as I never want them to end, these are definitely my soft drink of choice when sitting outside. Each 200ml bottle makes 4 litres of drink, giving 22 180ml servings per bottle. They also spring to mind as a perfect drink to serve at weddings and parties as the soft drink option instead of Pimms. All the delicious fruitiness.

Thanks to Fruitbroo for sending me these bottles of juicy iced tea to review, I ruddy loved them.


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