Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's good to make new friends, isn't it? When Holland and Barrett asked if I wanted to join in with a new project called #HollandandBarrettBuddies I was intrigued! We've been partnered up with bloggers with similar goals and given a massive budget to buy them some products which will suit their lifestyle and help them on their way towards their set goals. I was buddied up with Natalie from The Blonde Ethos  who blogs about fitness, health and lifestyle. I'm so glad that I found her blog, it's full of the kind of posts I love to read, plus she's not a million miles away from me too – I love to find local bloggers! After I'd had a good read through Natalie's blog and we'd exchanged a few emails I set about shopping.
The first thing I realised was that Holland and Barrett sell a heck of a lot more than I realised! Being given free rein was terribly exciting and I had fun finding the kind of products that I thought Natalie would like and make the best use of. You can get a LOT for £100, as my shopping basket proves! I wont go into massive detail as we could be here all day but I tried to keep to a few main categories that I knew would be suitable.
Natalie, like me, isn't interested in 'weight loss' products as such, but wants to exercise to get stronger, fitter and more flexible. She likes healthy foods and is fond of healthy snacks so I had a field day picking a whole variety of bars and protein balls. The Bounce balls sound great so I included a few of these, the pro flapjack. plus a few more along those lines (I know she loves Nakd bars but has a massive stash already). I chose a few energising and recovery products for Natalie as I know she works out hard! The Mango energize gel and strawberry & banana gel sound pretty space age, I hope she likes them! The rejuvenation fruit drink sounds scrummy as well as some 100% coconut water and Aloe juice with manuka honey I want to know what this tastes like!
In terms of beverages, Natalie doesn't go in for tea or coffee but fancied trying some Rooibos so I added some of that, along with some quinoa and cocoa nibs and dark chocolate with cornish sea salt which were on her list that she wanted to try. Then I chose a whole load of things I hope she will enjoy as part of a balanced diet including some gluten free oats, seed and nut butter spreads, gf organic noodles, maca powder, a variety of fruit and nut mixes, seed sprinkle and spicy sesame peanuts. The only thing I added that I'm not sure about was some tea tree skin lotion but wanted to send a little something that wouldn't be going down the hatch.
How do you think I did? It's really difficult to decide on what to buy someone else when there is just so much choice but fingers crossed I stuck to the brief and bought the right things. I was really impressed with the massive amount of choice on the Holland and Barrett website, it has some really unusual items on there. I can't wait to hear how Natalie gets on with her goodies and how they fit into her lifestyle! You can find her on Twitter @_NatalieJohanna and Instagram _nataliejohanna to keep up with how she gets along. Knowing that she has chosen some items with my lifestyle in mind is exciting, I'll be sure to show you what arrives for me soon.
Thanks to Holland Barrett for inviting me to join in this #HollandandBarrettBuddies project!

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