Spring reaches Foxley Wood

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Spring woodlandSpring blossomFoxley woodsunlight through trees
A couple of weeks ago we took a stroll through Foxley Wood in the middle of the Norfolk countryside, North of Dereham, it near Bawdeswell. It's quite a sweet little drive down the country lanes to get there and made for a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.
Spring woodlandwild spring flowerswoodland birdboxwoodland trackFoxley wood in springSpring footpath
We last visited in late summer  it was a haven for wildlife with butterflies galore so this time I was unsure what to expect. The terrain was a little soft underfoot initially, which I hadn't banked on but not enough to spoil my boots and there didn't seem to be all that much to see. However, after following the signs for the bluebell trail we soon found ourselves surrounded by millions of bluebells which left me unable to believe my eyes! I've never seen so many in my life. I filmed a short video (one minute or so!) to show you the 360 to help you get the scale.
Bluebells at Foxley wood
Bluebells Foxley woodcarpet of bluebellswild bluebells
While we were there I got in some outfit pictures in the beautiful surroundings too.
sitting amongst bluebellsbluebell woods
Is there such thing as bluebell overload? I think not.

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  1. Absolutely, positively, definitely no such thing as bluebell overload. Great pics as ever Sophie, I loved your outfit shots taken here too!

  2. UM...WOW! I've spent the past week telling my boyfriend how badly I want to find somewhere with lots of bluebells and I read this - it's fate! ;) I loved the video clip too. Eeep!

    Tara x

  3. My parents used to live about 10 mins from there along the 1067 and I've never been - crazy huh. Looks amazing though, I had heard about the bluebells there in the Spring :)

  4. SUch a beautiful place - I seem to write this on just about every Norfolk post lately, but it really is somewhere I need to visit!

  5. This is beautiful, I need to come and visit!

    Maria xxx

  6. How gorgeous!!! It's always so special seeing the bluebells isn't it!!! As we cycled through a wooded lane on Monday, I shouted out to CBC about the bluebells that were on either side of us in utter delight!

  7. Stunning photos. Love the outfit shot, beautiful

    X x


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