Tasty crumbed fish

Sunday, May 18, 2014


A really straightforward recipe for home breaded cod or any white fish. Personally I prefer pollack, coley or something other than cod or haddock but supermarkets do not seem to consistently stock a good range of fish yet they always have cod or haddock. It's hard to buy sustainably sourced fish even though it would be my preference. As a reformed fish hater I am yet to notice a jot of difference in taste between all the slabs of white fish that look the same so to me I'd rather have a less popular cheaper fish.

This recipe is so simple that anyone can make it. If you, like me, are none too fond of the preparing of a fish fillet (wrangling) then buy from a fish counter and ask the fishmonger to do it. Pop on some gloves and Bob's your uncle, you don't even need to touch the fishy.

To make the crumb, use stale bread (I used two rolls for these two fillets), bunged in a blender until it is a fine crumb. Add your preferred selection of fresh or dry herbs, whizz again, then drizzle in some olive oil as it's whirring. As a guide I used around a tablespoon for two fillets worth of crumbs.

These baking liners are invaluable, chuck stuff straight on them and it washes off a doddle, never having to scrub burned on bits off trays.


The fish goes on skin down, then coat the top in your choice of soft cheese, we used light Philadelphia with garlic and herbs. The crumbs then coat the fillets, give then a little pat to get them nicely stuck on the sides.


I cooked these in a fan oven at 180oC for about 25 minutes.

Voila. Tasty. Serve with whatever you fancy: chips and peas or mash and steamed vegetables.


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