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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Recently, I've read a few interior design style posts from some of my favourite bloggers and it's reminded me how inactive we've been about changing things up at home. Most of our furniture was given to us when we moved in, a kind of yay or nay choice at best. We bought Primark cushions which are now in need of being replaced. Candles, photographs and a few odd ornaments are pretty much the sum total of our contribution to our interior so far which has meant that nothing has really changed over the years.


When The Joy of Plants  offered to send me a house plant I was rather pleased! I have loads of flowers and shrubs in the garden and they are so uplifting to see when I look out of the window or arrive home, yet have nothing in the house that flowers at all. The House Plant of the Month for May is the Calla Lily which is an absolute beauty. When it arrived at work there was a flurry of excitement, firstly because NOBODY gets flowers delivered and secondly because everyone wanted to know what it was/who for/who from and why. Quite the buzz! It was delightfully packaged and I kept the pretty wrap on for a while but I'm waiting to find the right pot to pop it in now.


After trying it out in several difference places, I've chosen the kitchen dresser as it's home so that I catch sight of it regularly. The lovely flowers really have brightened up the room and made it feel much nicer, which has made me realise I need to actually take care of it to keep it healthy. I've already got a peace lily kicking about the house which has clung on to life despite my neglect of it but has never flowered. I'd love to see some colour on it so perhaps that ought to be a little goal for this year, to get it flowering.


The Joy of Plants have launched a Youtube channel series called Changing Plants which features short videos looking at the role houseplants play in improving your life at home and work. I really like the 'Reveal office video' as well as this one of Women's Health Magazine.



It's really pleasing just what a difference a flowering plant has made in the house, it gets a thumbs up from me. Do you have houseplants?


Thanks to the Joy of Plants for sending this for me to review, it was a real treat! All opinions my own.

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