My casual countryside style

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sophie in the Stickscheeky country style

This is me. This is my style; I'm Sophie and I love a big baggy jumper, a short frilly skirt, a pair of boots and a scarf. My repertoire of outfits is pretty eclectic, I love trying new items and seeing how they work for me; taking a new 'in' piece and wearing it in a way that makes me happy. Dressing is something of a hobby of mine, a concept which Chris will never be able to get his head around it seems!

Casual springtime countrysife look

This burgundy jumper seems to get better with age, I'm pretty sure it'll be at it's absolute prime when it has a gaping great hole and a string of yarn hanging below my knees. My little Primark skirt felt rather left out last summer but upon my bi-annual wardrobe re-jig I pounced on it for an immediate wear, with warm tights and long boots.

jumper and skirt combination

Jumper – Vero Moda, skirt – Primark (ebay), top – Barbour*, tights – no idea, boots and bangles – charity shop, scarf – gift, bag – giveaway win

comfy baggy old jumperfavourite countryside outfit

To me this outfit was spot on for my time on the Fakenham River Walk in the spring sunshine a couple of weeks ago. I believe in dressing to make myself happy and I bet I'm not the only one.


PS. I've written a post all about my experience of learning to cook as a guest post, I'd love you to take a look if you get a chance.

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  1. i love your style, this is a very Sophie outfit :)

  2. You look gorgeous here, I love the colour of that jumper on you!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ahh such a pretty skirt! You look lovely! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Excellent outfit. Better-with-age jumpers are the best. Like a woolly Helen Mirrin. xxx

  5. Love this outfit! Definitely need a jumper like that one :)

  6. Love the colours, they suit you perfectly!

  7. You Miss Sophie are the most stylish girl I know. When I grow up I wanna be just like you. Simon doesn't get the whole clothes thing either, yet it's a surprisingly fulfilling hobby! Not long until I get to see you. And once again feel blessed to call you a wonderful friend x x x

  8. aww wow love your outfit that skirt is so pretty with those tights x


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