Allotment update: first harvest

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

picking peasstrawberry patchJpeg

Since my initial allotment post back in April, I've been down there a couple of weekends with Chris to put in some hours keeping it ticking over. As the plot is really Chris' thing, I leave all the good jobs and decisions to him and instead just crack on with the endless weeding that needs to be done and the ground preparation. I swear there is more stone than soil content round here, it's ridiculous.

With the warm temperatures and good amount of rainfall lately things have really shot up no end; it's caught me unawares to a certain extent as I'll have to find a way of harvesting stuff more than once a week. The strawberry patch is going great guns, we've had masses already and they are unbelievably delicious! The peas are running riot (non-sugar snap sadly) so we've had a couple of portions.

allotment brassicasallotment raised salad bed

The salad leaves are crying out to be picked so I'd better get a shift on before they get past their best. It's good to see how far things have come in such a short period of time. You can see that the sweetcorn are growing huge, the brassicas are too, the peas and beans are shooting up.

Even the rhubarb plants have sprung into action.

allotment sweetcornallotment soft fruit

To my dismay, the fruit trees and soft fruit bushes are not going to fruit this year as they were planted out too late and have not flowered. Chris isn't too fussed or surprised by this but in a way I feel pretty heartbroken, pathetic I know. Might shed a tear over the fruit drought. (the blue sky picture was taken a few weeks ago, as I don't have a more recent one, that was a sunny hot day).

allotment fruit treesJpegJpeg


This little dude scared me by appearing from nowhere!


The asparagus is weird, I would never have guesses that this weedy looking thing is an asparagus plant, it looks pathetic. We have to let them grow bushy this year if we want to harvest spears next year.


Our first main year at the allotment seems to be going quite well. It looks like we'll be digging up some salad potatoes soon as well, what a treat.

Do you like my allotment posts or are they a bit yawnbags for your liking?


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  1. Wow your veg rows look so much neater than my veg beds! I love the rows of salad leaves- they look like a work of art. My lettuces are ready but I haven’t yet picked one- going to sample one tonight :). A bloody rabbit somehow got into the garden and nibbled through the stem of one of my beans- I was quite upset!
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

  2. I quite fancy the idea of an allotment myself...but it involves *work* ....and having to deal with things like bugs and worms....although the end results would be worth it!

  3. Those peas need to get into my mouth - one of my all time favourie things to eat!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Oh wow, everything looks amazing! I'm forever in awe of anyone that grows their own, it's something I'd love to do one day!

    Jennie xo |

  5. I loved this! I'm trying to get my garden going this year for the first time, and I am really enjoying it. Yours looks far more organised than mine though! xx

  6. Allotment heaven! I adore looking at allotments so more please!!! You're doing well. I am an idiot. i as going to plant rocket 2 months ago. And radishes, and basil and carrots and lots of other salad leaves and I am rubbish and have done none. My mum gave me some rasberry and strawberry plants but nothing coming yet x

  7. Everything looks fab! We've been so busy this year that our veg plot has been neglected; looking at these photos makes me wish we'd set aside more time for it. Strawberries look delicious too :)

  8. Your lottie is very very neat and looking fab. You should both be very proud of it. Lots of yummy looking veg for you to enjoy, nothing better than home grown food. It definitely tastes so much better.

    Your fruit bushes and asparagus will be fabulous next year, so something to look forward to then.

    X x

  9. I love the idea of an allotment but I don't think I'd ever find the time. I have a few troughs of strawberries in my greenhouse which are somewhat lacking! I can't believe the change in since April! All that yummy homegrown goodness! Jealous.

  10. Oh my, your plot looks so much bettter than mine, which is so messy at the moment. I had my own fruit woes as my strawbs are cleary earlies and although I had a few, I've been battling with the slugs, which i've finally got under control only to find that they've now stopped fruiting. Bah.


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