Pleats and a tee with no style advice

Friday, June 13, 2014


It annoys me when people give out style advice, all the 'how to dress for your shape/age/environment' spiel. I say wear what you feel comfortable in, try whatever you fancy but do take a good look in a full length mirror before leaving the house just to be on the safe side.  My style is ever evolving with the seasons, trends and my mood. In the last year or two my trademark looks have become more defined yet equally you'll see me wear unexpected items that would never have made it into my repertoire before.


My nails are a rather cheerful pastel shade of which I have no idea anymore except it's most likely to be NYC.


Skirt and tee - charity shops, trainers – Topshop, hat – Joe Browns*, bag – blog giveaway win


For example, this pleated skirt (found for £1 in a local charity shop) was something I pounced upon with a grin of triumph, exclaiming “AHA! Perfect for spring, what a great colour!” which was met with a puzzled look from Chris and a comment about it being a fogey skirt. Not to be put off, I bought it anyway and patiently waited to wear it with this rather colourful tee (bought in the same charity shop for £1 on a separate occasion) which caught my eye with the bright zebra stripes.

Now, personally I think the graffiti print tee and pleated skirt together with the wedge trainers looks anything but old-womanly but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There are more photographs to come soon from the beautiful walk we took through this buttercup meadow and beyond which I'm sure you will enjoy; looking through them now has brought a smile to my face.


Wishing you a simply marvellous weekend!


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  1. I love this skirt, such a gorgeous colour! I need to make more effort to go into charity shops!

    Chloe x

  2. Fantastic outfit and definitely no hint of a pensioner in the way you're wearing your skirt.
    Rules are for fools. I wear whatever I fancy, flattering, fashionable, appropriate or seasonal never enter into the equation. I dress for me - as do you! xxx

  3. You've done it again! This look is wonderful and I like the skirt with the Tee and trainers. I often wonder about girls who are photographed in lush meadows in stilettos ------yeah right!!!

    P.S. The buttercups really set it off!

  4. What do boys know anyway? These go perfectly together and look very summery.
    Lots of super photos again and such a pretty setting :)

  5. Boys are stupid! Wear what you want I say!!! I really love the combination of items! That face shot is beautiful! X

  6. Great outfit hun and yes I too think you should just wear what you like and feel good in. Lifes far too short for us all to be sheep.

    X x

  7. The whole outfit works so well together, what do boys know about girls clothes anyway.

  8. What a cute outfit! :)

  9. Love this so much, the colour of the skirt is gorgeous!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  10. I have an almost identical skirt but in full length. I say wear whatever makes you smile- life is too short to stick to unnecessary rules xxx

  11. I agree, wear what you want! Can't believe that skirt was £1!

  12. I think there is something great about seeing something and knowing how you would wear it in a way which is personal to you - no matter what the item may be! I had the same comments from someone when I bought that pleated skirt from a charity shop recently, that it was an old lady skirt, but in my eyes I saw a similar-to-the-ASOS one instead, hence my buy.

  13. I have to say I have my eye on your trainers! Very Lily Allen with the skirt/trainers combo and it definitely does NOT look Granny-ish!

    Katie <3

  14. You have a pretty smile x

  15. You always look amazing, you have a real eye for pairing things together, this skirt is such a gorgeous colour!

    Maria xxx


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