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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sophie in the Sticks bodycontough bodycon

Bodycon. That b*tch.

Bodycon and I have never been BFFs and while we may flirt on and off for a while it's never going to become a full time relationship.

midi bodycon dressSONY DSC

striped bodycon dress

I picked up this dress last year and complained it felt too big for my liking so I guess it went through Sophie's ruthless washing rigmarole and came out a size smaller (as anything delicate has tended to) as upon this wearing it feels and looks pretty fitted. I added the belt for an extra cinch at the waist (long live Gok Wan) and to break up the endless pattern.

bodycon dress with bootsblue midi bodycon dress

Maybe it's the belt, or the way I clenched for dear life but I'm sure I'm starting to nip in at the waist a teensy bit more. My regular bootcamp sessions are supposed to be helping little by little but I do feel like the progress may be starting to show. By working on toning muscle you burn fat as well as re-shaping where it hangs on your body. True that; I have intermittent abs showing (dependent on bloat) and am darn pleased about it. Maybe one day I'll have my dream washboard abs but until then I'll have to employ the 'remain on high alert at all times whilst wearing bodycon' method. A girl can aim high, yes?

howto wear body con

I wore this bodycon dress in a practical way that was toughened up by the desert boots. The high neckline and almost masculine shoulder cut meets well with my style and I enjoy keeping this type of dress kind of robust instead of overly feminine. That's just the kind of girl I am.

Dress and necklace – charity shop, belt – eBay, boots – River Island, bag - Aluna J, jewellery – gifts


This weekend has been a half-busy one but I do have plenty of juicy posts to share with you over the coming fortnight so don't stray too far away.

Have a great week, you lovely people!


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  1. you're a braver girl than me, but then you have the figure for it. I've not worn bodycon since I was pregnant, a pregnant bump looks fine in bodycon. I just need need to persuade Sam to let me have another baby ;)

  2. I think you look fab in your bodycon dress, and the belt is a great combination!
    Fashion Infatuation

  3. You and bodycon dresses should definitely be friends, it looks great on you!
    I love how you made it all tough with the boots!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. Amazing dress! It looks great x

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  5. You look fab in a bodycon dress! I like your practical style very much and a touch of masculinity is always a nice touch in my opinion though I have to say that this look beautifully feminine. (I hope I am making sense).

  6. haha i am so with you on the whole bodycon front.. after sucking it in all day i am truly exhausted and have no inclination to wear the style again at least for another 3 months,lol!
    You look gorgeous though, this dress looks like a great fit and i love the belt and pops of red!XX

  7. I really don't do bodycon! You clearly can! You have a super figure.
    I like your journalistic technique recently of making us come back to read more by dropping tantalising hints of what's coming up- juicy! It's a good technique!

  8. How exciting about your abs- I'm really impressed you've been so dedicated to working out! I dream of having washboard abs -but that dreaming occurs whilst I sit on my bum reading a book and eating too much cheesecake :p xxx

  9. Ah sophie you're looking super fly!

  10. You look amazing Sophie, it's a great dress.

  11. You look lovely here, I wish I had your figure!

    Maria xxx

  12. This looks perfect on you. I shy away from bodycon as I do not have the body shape for it.


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