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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Simply supplements review
It's all well and good eating clean and taking part in regular exercise but sometimes you just can't seem to cram in everything your body needs into your diet. I've never really explored the concept of supplements much, barring the odd chewable vitamin c jellies, mostly on the basis that I just can't swallow tablets. When Simply Supplements  got in touch to ask me if I wanted to review some of their products I thought I'd have to reluctantly pass, but they explained to me about their range of Easygest capsules which can be opened and popped on your breakfast if you can't or don't want to swallow them whole. What a relief! It's solved my dilemma. There are over 40 products in the Easygest range which is perfect for me, so I know that when I decide to try adding another supplement to my diet they will be sure to cater for me.
So what did I decide to try?
Simply supplements easygest
There are three herbal teas which I will be reviewing in a separate post coming soon.
Ginkgo Biloba  which contains flavonoids and terpenoids (which are lost on me, but they are the beneficial active ingredients). Ginkgo Biloba is recommended for people like me with poor circulation, who often get cold hands and feet, plus it is said to aid short term memory. It's an obvious one for me to choose as I'm forever getting pins and needles in my legs just from sitting quite normally, with freezing cold extremities. I'm hoping that this winter I might feel a little bit of improvement regularly taking this!
I would say, on the negative side that this smells quite nasty so either swallow it whole or pop it on a spoonful of yogurt to take it as opposed to making your whole bowl of breakfast rather unpleasant. Can't have everything I guess.
Glucosamine Sulphate which is a well known supplement for maintaining healthy joints. Keeping your joints in good working order is a must, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. My family have bought these in tablet form from Simply Supplements for years and I never knew they could also come in swallowable form!
Acai Berry  is one of the most nutritious fruits out there, each berry containing a great number of beneficial nutrients for the body across the board, often thought to aid weight loss and promoting healthy skin. The powder is a bright pink colour!
Lutein  is something that is personally very important to me. Lutein is a 'carotenoid that is naturally concentrated in the macular of healthy eyes'. I have a family history of eye health degeneration with age (isn't that something to look forward to?) so I think that maintaining a regular intake of lutein is pretty key to keeping my eye health as tip top as long as possible.
Thanks to Simply Supplements for sending me this parcel of goodies. If you are looking to buy any supplements then I would definitely recommend them for their comprehensive selection of products and excellent service.
What supplements do you take? Any recommendations?

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  1. I don't take any supplements these days as I replaced them for fruit/veg powders because in my head they are more natural (probably wrong). I like 100% Baobab, Maca, Acai, Wheatgrass.

    You are right Ginko is smelly - the tree smells pretty awful too!

  2. I don't really take any supplements, I'm trying Imdeen for hair and nails but that's it. If I don't see improvements I'll probably not bother to continue.
    I find supplements confusing, there is so much conflicting info on whether they work or are necessary, it puts me off. I'd love some clear and concise advice on the subject!

  3. I don't take supplements, I have no idea what to take there are so many!

  4. I use Xenca Five a day as a supplement but I eat plenty of fruit and veg anyway. I sometimes take a calcium and Vit D supplement as I don't get enough calcium from my diet. I don't take it daily as the tablets are huge and I can't swallow them.

    Like Hazel I was a bit unsure about the benefits of supplements but I have seen the benefits of certain supplements in my professional career. I think if you use them as SUPPLEMENTS and not an alternative to a balanced diet then you will benefit.



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