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Friday, October 31, 2014

Jumper like the MatrixJumper like the Matrix

Celebrating Halloween is not something I've ever joined in with over the years. Back in the olden days when I was a little girl it wasn't a 'thing' to go trick or treating, then when it did become a 'thing' my parents said it wasn't a nice thing to do. My Nan is very anti-Halloween as a devout Christian and her opinion is that you're pretty much in league with the devil for buying pumpkin at this time of year. There was one time I was allowed to dress as a witch with a few black bin liners but had to change back when Dad got home...

By the time I was old enough to go to house parties I didn't have any friends anyway.

These days I'm more than happy to put the lights off and pretend we're out in the hope that greedy kids don't bother calling round, in fact I may hand craft a 'BEWARE THE STAFFIE' sign even though the small print would technically need to read 'because he really wants kisses and cuddles'.

Jumper like the MatrixJumper like the Matrix

Jumper, jeans and tee – charity shops, boots – yard sale, feather necklace – Iced Rainbow Jewellery, bangles – misc.

Jumper like the Matrixjumper like the Matrix

I just thought I'd share this outfit today as the new-to-me jumper is vaguely Halloween-y colours. Chris immediately pointed out that it's obviously THE MATRIX which wouldn't have thought of independently, but it's so obvious now he's said it.

Whether you're partying, hiding in your house or have forgotten about Halloween altogether I bid you a good day and may your weekend be filled with merriment too.


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