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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Tartan skinnies and tee

I've come to the conclusion that something in my head has changed; my tastes are evolving at a rate of knots and I've no idea when it's going to slow down, let alone stop. This time last year is when it started; outfits from then on in seem to be fine but before that.... yeah I'm still scratching my head and wondering 'why' about a lot of them. I've been blogging almost four years (which may I say, is an unfathomable achievement in my eyes, I never thought I'd stick with it) and even though I was in my mid twenties when I started my taste in style has morphed no end. Looking back at the earliest posts makes my skin crawl and I have to admit I've lost my patience and deleted a few old posts and unpublished many pending deleting or editing for republishing.

Tartan skinnies and tee

Blogging has been a learning process; learning to be a writer, photographer, stylist, cook and just generally learning what interests me and makes me want to get creative and share things. Some people start off right, some figure things out sooner than others. It took me a long time to find my stride, find my style, find my voice and place. Now I'm in my niche I don't really want to harbour posts which no longer hold with my preferences so not all that many remain. In a way it's sad but those hours of work at least gave me all the experience that made me the girl I am today so it wasn't wasted, just banked.

Can I say a huge thank you for all the on-going support that so many of you have give me over the years; some of you date back almost right from the start and have been so generous with your kindness and wisdom. Inevitably, with less light during autumn and winter there will be less opportunity to go out and about and take photographs which I have to say I am dreading but I'll see how it goes. There are plenty of really quite random post ideas in my head so maybe some of those will make it over here (I have THE most odd post topic in the forefront of my mind – only the most diligent of followers are likely to give it a read!)

Tartan skinnies and tee

Wearing: charity shop tee, River Island trousers from a while ago, yard sale boots and random jewellery.

Anyway, this was quite a lengthy way just to say that hundreds of mildly embarrassing archive posts have been removed. A summer round up is coming along soon plus all the latest from the sticks in autumn.


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