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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ilumi meals
Everyone is busy. I'm busy, Chris is busy, you're busy. It's mostly the case that from arriving home from work we're either straight out again for workouts/running or social engagements and fitting in meals is becoming more and more of a problem. We do our weekly online shop and instead of meal planning like we used to it tends to be a few essentials and cupboard basics and dare I say it, ready meals and quick fixes. I really don't like skipping proper meals as it's no good for you in the long run and a pretty bad habit to get into.
We get a bit of home cooking in when we can but sometimes we just admit defeat and eat whatever is to hand; grabbing a pasty or something with chips just to say we ate something. Thinking of quick meals to prepare is something I'm working on (or going down the batch cooking casseroles and freezing for a quick reheated meal is a concept I favour).
I'd heard of Ilumi foods recently and thought they were a neat concept; a wholesome meal in a stand-up sachet ready to pop in the microwave for a quick dinner. What I didn't realise was that they are all gluten free, milk free and nut free which is pretty cool. I tried some of the dishes from the Asian range and was really rather impressed.
My favourite was the Tom Kah Gai soup (a fragrant and lightly spiced Thai chicken soup) which I enjoyed with a couple of slices of lightly toasted homemade bread (courtesy of Mum and her breadmaker – it's halfway to homemade). It was so tasty and something I would love to have again.
Ilumi meals
When we were deliberating what to eat for dinner one night and I suggested we tried the Ilumi meals, I chose the chicken laksa while Chris wanted the sweet five spice and chilli pork. We weren't thrilled with our choices and after a taste of each others' dishes we decided to swap; the laksa was hotter with chilli than I really prefer and the pork dish was so sweet and delicious (too sweet for Chris, he preferred the heat of the laksa). Laksa pictured below.
Ilumi meals
The beef in black bean tasted good but the sauce was thinner than expected according to Chris. When I ate the vegetable biryani I though it was a smaller portion that I would like but maybe that's just greedy me!
I like the idea of buying a selection of the Ilumi meals (which get delivered to your door) and keeping them for a couple of weeknights, the days where there is no hope of making anything yourself and of course those emergencies. Price wise at £1.90 for the soup and £3.75 for the main meals they are more than I would usually spend per meal however, they are particularly high quality with wholesome ingredients and of course taste good. To me they represent good value for what they are.
Have you ever tried Ilumi meals?
I was sent this parcel to review by Ilumi, all opinion and content my own

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