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Monday, December 01, 2014

Nova Silver Kitten honey bee necklaceNova Silver Kitten honey bee necklace

It's been grey, dull and gloomy round here lately and frankly when I have tentatively reached for my camera I've felt like it wasn't really worth the bother. This sixties style mini dress is burnt orange a colour which I don't wear much of yet which is perfect for autumn, but unfortunately I had my heart set on my long sleeved fuchsia top to keep me super toasty (as it stays tucked into my thermal tights hence avoids getting a cold draft up my back – tmi?) and the two colours don't seem to flatter one another. The pictures look much less gaudy in black and white and I don't look quite so rudolphular either – technical term for that sore red nose you get with a cold.

Nova Silver Kitten honey bee necklace

Aside from my £1 charity shop dress and cheapy clashing top with my thermal tights which kept threatening to work their way down there is one important thing I want to talk about; this gorgeous Kitten honey bee necklace* from Nova Silver jewellery who are based in Norwich (you know how fond I am of finding local businesses). They have some really cool and unusual pieces which is so refreshing to see; I'm falling in love with the Shreiking Violet collection which features beautiful mini flowers and leaves trapped inside boxes (oh just take a look, you'll see what I mean!), the Kitten silver range and the Geo jewellery too. So many unique pieces and not over-priced too.

Nova Silver Kitten honey bee necklace

I do hope Santa is paying attention.


Thanks to Nova Silver for sending me this gorgeous piece, all opinions and content my own

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