The cosiest jumper dress

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


My wardrobe contains a right mix of clothes; my tastes stretch far and wide so there are some really unusual items hiding in there. This massive vintage jumper dress is brilliantly out of place in 2015; the big roll-neck, bat-wing sleeves, the way it almost reaches my ankles...

Sometimes all you want to wear is the biggest cosiest jumper you can find so this is just perfect.


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  1. I love the colour too!!! It looks Amazing too x

  2. This looks perfect, what a gorgeously perfect dress! x

  3. This looks so cosy, I am jealous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love this - like wearing a hug, I should think!

  5. Proof that you don't always have to sacrifice comfort over style. Love it.


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