Tweed in the forest

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Oh hello, you've found me.

I know it's somewhat ugly to have muddy boots in shot but guess what? The ground is muddy and I didn't parachute in.

The forest is an enchanting place to be; on first glance you might think it's all dead or at least dormant but there is so much going on. Just stand very still, close your eyes and open your ears to take in all the sounds you might have missed.

Crisp leaves are covering the forest floor in a flaky carpet which is steadily rotting from the bottom up. The remnants of chestnut shells are scattered here and there with the nuts themselves long gone.

If you look carefully there is much more to see ut I'll tell you about that another time.

Wearing my vintage tweed midi skirt, old shirt, old necklace, random assortment of jewellery, thick Primark tights and yard sale boots. Carrying a smile, model's own.


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