The cold days

Friday, February 13, 2015

Oh tartan in a meadowctartan in a meadowtartan in a meadowtartan in a meadow


tartan in a meadow<br />

It's been cold.

I mean the very dead of winter:

the days it starts with a frost so hard it looks like snow has fallen overnight

the days the mud is frozen solid and can be tripped over

the days the ice on puddles is so thick if stamped on will be more likely to break your foot than crack

the days your breath steams like silent clouds

the days that fingers, toes and noses feel numb

tartan in a meadowtartan in a meadow

Is this the first time you've seen my cream jumper? I've worn it a few times and love the way it goes with jeans and skinnies so well. You know how much I enjoy a roomy jumper. My green tartan super skinnies are an absolute favourite but I have to say they were not doing such a great job of keeping me warm – best left for milder days...

I found this pink tartan scarf which has been one rotation ever since. You can't have enough tartan scarves...

Have a good weekend


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  1. You look lovely here, that jumper looks so cosy!

    Maria xxx

  2. It looks so cold in these pictures! Love your outfit - especially the scarf. x

  3. You can't have enough scarves full stop!

  4. I love the scarf - the most depressing part of these days was seeing my breath in my classroom at 8.30am. And then breaking school rules and letting the kids keep their coats on.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. I don't know why but I read the 1st part of this post like a poem haha another fab post
    I love reading great random lifestyle post like this pack full of content but not to long
    Carl b


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